Experienced dealers no longer need to wait for new game offerings by casinos. We offer professional training courses in four major casino games to develop the skills you need to pursue your dreams, in the timeline that is suitable to you, not the casino.

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Enrolment & Training Process

For experienced dealers, we offer a training and development structure that will ensure you have the right skills to take your new game(s) live as soon as possible.

1 – Open Night

Our Open Nights are designed to provide you with access to the game and equipment you are seeking.

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2 – Apply

Lodge a full application that will assist us in the phone interview.

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3 – Interview – SKIPPED

The phone interview is the opportunity to make sure we are a good fit for you and we can provide you with the resources necessary to get started in the casino industry.

4 – Training

Fast track the learning process and deal new major games in the casino to advance your job prospects and your pay level!

5 – Graduation

It's tournament time!
Graduation is the culmination of the trainees' hard work, and to finish off an intense learning curve, we put on a series of tournaments to celebrate.

6 – Applications

Depending on your path, we may be able to assist you with accessing prospective employers worldwide.


Advanced Standing

If you can demonstrate you have existing chipping and card skills, you will be granted an Advanced Standing in casino training which will allow you access to game training at the Experienced Dealer rates.

Learning Craps

Craps is the epitome of croupier skills (mental and physical), crossed with teamwork and customer service. As such, this game requires extensive preparation and testing to ensure suitable candidates will achieve the learning outcomes required to slot into a Craps Crew.

  • One major game


Tuition is an upfront cost. The time and cost invested in training would see a net return on investment within a very short period. It may event broaden horizons that allow for rapid pay increases.

At this point there is no governmental financial assistance provided for casino training. We will publish any information or new developments to this, as they become available.